Gráficas de Llinars’ R&D department offers an extensive range of possibilities in complex multi-layers especially designed for milk and cheese products:

  • Films for flow-pack type packaging, for grated cheese, etc.
  • Top sealing covers for containers for sliced goods, etc.
  • Films for thermo-formed packaging.

There are several complex multi-layer film alternatives, including double- and triple-layer constructions, offering customers a greater guarantee at the layer barrier level and at the product conservation level.


With the aim of meeting demanding market requirements, Gráficas de Llinars proposes different solutions that are adapted to customers’ requirements, in all the following types of products:

  • Films for flow-pack or HFFS (horizontal form fill sealing machine) type packaging.
  • Top sealing covers for containers for sliced goods, etc.
  • Films for thermo-formed packaging.
  • Films for all of the above applications, with the possibility for anti-vapour treatment, peelable, anti-UVI, etc., incorporating the film itself and thereby improving the final appearance and the final features of the product.

Different barrier layers can be used for these types of foods to extend the life of the product, and anti-vapour treatment can be incorporated into the film, especially for salad type products. This anti-vapour treatment is highly valued in the market, due to its price/quality ratio, given that it is included in the film extrusion phase. There is also the possibility to incorporate macro-perforated films in different diameters.


Gráficas de Llinars offers various multi-layer film alternatives, including complex, of all types, depending on customer requirements:

  • Mono-laminate.
  • Double layer.
  • Triple layer, including metallic intermediate films.

The objective is to offer customers the highest guarantee at a product conservation level and barrier layer level.


The film is used for packaging products such as coffee beans, whole or grounded, that require high specifications at the aromatic barrier level. Gráficas de Llinars therefore offers different double- and triple-layer constructions, usually performed by an intermediate layer of metallic films alternative to aluminium, with similar specifications to aluminium but with a better cost/quality ratio.


In these types of products, with very stringent oxygen and water requirements at a barrier layer level, Gráficas de Llinars incorporates the latest innovations in films, using single- and double-layer films, which are made up of several layers of film that is co-extruded at origin, thereby reducing thicknesses and optimising costs for customers.


With the aim of maintaining all the organoleptic properties of these types of foods, Gráficas de Llinars proposes complex double-layer BOPP/BOPP or BOPP/LDPE packaging. As these films and structures are widely used and standard, Gráficas de Llinars can offer customers an excellent price/quality ratio.  


 For these types of foods, whether for the traditional dry pasta market or for the new market of fresh pasta and precooked dishes (where films with higher specifications are used), it is vitally important to use the correct type of film, OPP, CAST-PP, PE, the correct thickness to ensure a good barrier against moisture and the correct specifications in terms of mechanical perforation resistance.


Gráficas de Llinars has the experience required to advise customers in this growing market. The properties of these foods can usually be conserved with double-layer PET/LDPE laminates, standard materials for Gráficas de Llinars that can be obtained at very competitive prices.  


These types of foods are distinguished for their high quality control at origin, requiring high specifications at a barrier layer level and product conservation level. 

In this sense, Gráficas de Llinars can provide the most extensive variety of film types: PE, PP, PA, PET, and all the corresponding varieties: CAST-PP, PE-EVOH, metallic, etc., so that customers have the highest guarantees to this respect. 


Gráficas de Llinars offers double-layer and triplex complex packaging (with intermediate metallic film), with the aim of providing an effective layer against gases (oxygen as well as aromas) and water vapour, and extending the life cycle of these foods as much as possible without affecting their intrinsic properties (organoleptic, possible oxidation, etc.)


Gráficas de Llinars’ origin, linked to Grupo Daumar, and therefore linked to the world of horticulture, enables the company to offer the most extensive range of these types of products. The competitive advantage of being manufacturers of machinery for basically citrus and horticultural products provides the company with knowledge of the specific requirements for this market: printed films for multiple applications including macro-perforated, Flowpack, etc., as well as films for the handles of the bag, etc.


The company also offers other types of solutions and advice in more specific markets with unique requirements, such as:

  • Bags for plant-based substrates.
  • Fertilisers.
  • Food additives.
  • Various condiments.
  • Flour
  • Etc.